Primary Montessori (Daffodils) Class

Ages 3 – 6 years

The Preschool or Childcare serves students between the ages of three and six years old. The classroom, under the guidance and supervision of a certified Montessori teacher, offers limitless learning opportunities catering to children with all types of interests and abilities.

“If teaching is to be effective with young children, it must assist them to advance on the way to independence.  It must initiate them into those kinds of activities which they can perform themselves and which keep them from being a burden to others because of their inabilities.  We must help them to learn how to walk without assistance, to run, to go up and down stairs, to pick up fallen objects, to dress and undress, to wash themselves, to express their needs in a way that is clearly understood, and to attempt to satisfy their desires through their own efforts.  All this is part of an education for independence.” Maria Montessori (The Discovery of the Child)

Lessons in all relevant subject areas (i.e. Math, Language, Sensorial, Culture, Geography, Science, and Practical Life) incorporate concrete forms (i.e. objects that students can touch, smell, taste, and/or see) to assist children in their learning and understanding of abstract concepts. In addition to incorporating the senses, the Montessori Method of learning encourages peer collaboration. This provides both the younger and older children the opportunity to build the social and team-building skills necessary for development.

The Montessori School Method is a holistic and purposeful approach. A skill acquired in one area can be used to advance in other subject areas as well. For example, when children are taught to pour liquids from a Practical Life lesson they can use this knowledge to accurately transfer substances in a science experiment. The emphasis on motor skill refinement and movement is backed by research that illustrates their pivotal role in children’s development. By practicing skills in these areas, children gain muscle memory and are more likely to be successful within the academic environment.

Our Before School Care Service and  After School Care Service quenches children’s thirst for learning by offering a rigorous curriculum and continuously exposing them to new classroom activities, materials, and lessons. All areas of learning like Science, Geography, Language, Sensorial, Practical Life and Math are updated every few weeks to maintain students’ interest. Activities are laid out in a fashion that encourages self-initiative on the students’ part to pick and choose as they go, so long as they follow the guidelines of the individualized daily plan made by the teacher. This allows some freedom and independence while also creating a structure for the children to achieve their unique academic goals. Ultimately, the teacher’s mission is to create full independence for the child. With practice over time, the children are to able to gain confidence as well as the ability to work without constant instruction and assistance.

The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, ’The children are now working as if I did not exist.’

Overall, the Primary class enables the successful development of the child’s confidence, independence, and social skills while promoting both emotional and academic achievements.